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Application & Selection Process . . .
♦  APPLICATION DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 2, or until show is full. 
♦  Submit application along with crafter fees, photos of each type of 
    your craft items, and one photo of your setup (if you have one).
♦  Beginning in August, the jury committee will meet approximately once a
    month to review new applicants. Applicants reviewed will be notified 
    soon thereafter if they are selected or not.  

♦  Photos will be returned with notification letter.
♦  If selected, NO REFUNDS AFTER OCTOBER 26.
You may submit your application, photos, and payment as stated below . . .

Application may be sent via one of the following methods:
♦  Submit our Online Application.
♦  Electronically send us a completed PDF version by sharing 
    with us on Google Drive or emailing.
♦  Mail a completed, printedor PDF version through the post office.
Photos may be sent to us via sharing with us on Google Drive, email, or the post office.  Please Note: If you submitted photos for our show, 2012 or later, and are not adding items, you do not need to submit photos.
Payment needs to be mailed to us through the post office.  
Make checks payable to 'Our Savior'.